Paramahansa Yogananda


“From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt.”-Yogananda

“God is the electricity, and human beings are the light bulbs.  The bulbs may be infinitely varied in shape, color, and brightness.  The actual power with which they shine, however, is the same for all.”-Yogananda

“The worst sin is to call yourself a sinner.  For in that very thought you open the door, and invite sin to enter your mind.”-Yogananda

Yogananda Sailing

Heavenly Spirit, we are traveling by many right roads to Thine abode of light.

Guide us onto the highway of Self-knowledge, to which all paths of

true religious beliefs eventually lead.

The diverse religions are branches of Thy one immeasurable tree of truth.  May we

May we enjoy the luscious fruits of soul realization that hang from the boughs

of scriptures of every clime and time.

Teach us to chant in harmony the countless expressions of our supreme devotion.

In Thy temple of earth, in a chorus of many-accented voices, we are singing only to Thee.

O Divine Mother, lift us on Thy lap of universal love.  Break Thy vow of silence and sing

to us the heart-melting melody of human brotherhood.


Yogananda 2


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