Kryon by Lee Carroll AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND – May 3, 2017 [VIDEO] | Galactic Connection

So inspiring and uplifting, had to share.


Gateway Home

Gateway Home


Sky, clouds, sun.

Blue, white, gold.

Follow the light.


Blue light greetings play,

white angel wings invite,

gold rings form.


Pathway home calls

to beings formed

from starlight.


A little poem from Victoria, 2017

Spiritual eye picture

What is Ascension ? – Goeffrey West @ Cosmic Vision News

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ascensionGeoffrey West

The most simple explanation is that Ascension is merely a shift from one energetic vibration to another. Scientifically-speaking, it is a shift from one dimension of space-time to another. In the spiritual sense, we are bridging the realms of what we currently know and experience as ‘life’ and ‘death’. Scientifically, it is a movement from our current third dimension to a fourth, and likely a fifth dimension.

Ascension is an experience that will be as uniquely different and equally beautiful as you are! Each person will experience it when she/he is ready, willing and able to choose it. Divine free-will always allows for one to choose or to not choose to experience this, depending upon what lessons and experiences the Higher Self of an individual still wishes to go through.

Keep in mind that the human journey up to this moment has been one of duality. It…

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Krishnamurti Quotes – Observing Thought – 2-17-16

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jiddu_krishnamurtiJ. Krishnamurti Online

There is no knowledge of tomorrow, only conjecture as to what might happen tomorrow, based on your knowledge of what has been. A mind that observes with knowledge is incapable of following swiftly the stream of thought.

It is only by observing without the screen of knowledge that you begin to see the whole structure of your own thinking. And as you observe – which is not to condemn or accept, but simply to watch – you will find that thought comes to an end. Casually to observe an occasional thought leads nowhere.

But if you observe the process of thinking and do not become an observer apart from the observed, if you see the whole movement of thought without accepting or condemning it, then that very observation puts an end immediately to thought – and therefore the mind is compassionate, it is in a state of…

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Touching words from The Synchronicity Key, by David Wilcock

There is no being who can turn toward the Ever-Present Source in prayer or contemplation except through the Power and love that flow from the Source Itself. 

Meditation on Holy Qur’an 2:255

The Synchronicity Key is an eye-opening book, overflowing with information that any Truth seeker should read.  My personal outlook about the Universe, government, reality, the human race, and so on has been forever changed.  I find myself full of gratitude.  Thank you to everyone who dedicates their energy to uncovering pieces of truth so that we may all be able to shine.



Words by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

“The oldest wisdom in the world tells us we can consciously unite with the Divine while in this body; for this man is really born.  If he misses his destiny; Nature is not in a hurry; she will catch him up someday, and compel him to fulfill her secret purpose.”

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

(President of India 1962-1967)