Symbology of 7


Thick in mystery

Enriched with many clues

Symbolically speaking to the seeker

One who wants to see things through


What is 7 telling us

It appears so many times

Throughout sacred scriptures

Even in our limited physical sight


7 Creation days in the Bible

7 Wise Sages in the Gita

7 Original Tribes in the Book of Mormon

7 Caves in legends of Mexican descent


7 Seals to be freed in Revelations

7 Universal human emotions

7 Natural notes on the musical scale


7 Churches of Revelations

7 Rays of Light

7 Colors of the rainbow

7 Chakras powering the human body


White Light creates all color

All we see is Light

Only by Light do we see

Light is Energy


Time to release the seals

To explore the real 7 churches spoken of by Christ

The promised rainbow exists within

The rainbow bridge that transcends



Victoria Hornberger 2017




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