Beyond the Names of God

I just finished a course on World Religions, this is my written reflection for the last section.

As I reflect back on the material we studied during this course, I ask myself what stands out the most.  What do I write about for this last paper?  Immediately, the words of Sam Harris come to mind; I feel a relief that lightens the burden that can weigh on my mind, and it delights my emotions, again, to see Harris write the following, “Our situation is this:  most of the people in this world believe that the Creator of the universe has written a book.”  All scripture has been written by mankind.  God has the power and is the power that allows us all to read, write, learn, grow, and to accumulate wisdom.  All wisdom is inspired and guided by God.  Can we not find history and guidance, good guidance, in all scripture?  We are all connected to our Mother/Father, sharing the wisdom that we experience, and we are all experiencing God.  Each religion is only defending its own history, its own knowledge.  Knowledge that is a part of a whole.  We are all instruments of God, capable of feeling, playing, and sharing His/Her Melody of Life.  Now, let’s compare and contrast what the Word of God means within the Christian and Hindu traditions.

I am going to start with one of my favorite Bible verses, one that I am sure I have used before; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”(John 1:1)  The Bible is telling us that sound originated in the beginning, the sound of God, a sound that is God.  The original sound vibration, Om (AUM) is the sound of the origination and dissolution of the universe in the Upanishads.  “Om is Brahman, the Primeval Being.  This is the Veda which the knowers of Brahman Know; through it one knows what is to be known.”(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 5.1.1.)  “This breath (prana) is also Om.”(Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.23.)  Not only is Om considered to be the creator of matter, but the very breath inside of us, the sound that gives life to our cells, and it is through our connection to Om that we may experience the Highest Knowledge.  The Bhagavad Gita shares what is often still kept secret in chapter 8, line 13; Sri Krishna-“Whoever controls his mind and knowing that the soul resides in the forehead repeats the word, Om, knowing it as representing Brahma, and thinking of Me his soul leaves the body, that person shall attain the Supreme goal.”  Trillions of cells are constantly buzzing and communicating in each and everybody.  We are on a sphere that is spinning and moving at a rate of 1,040 miles/hour.  Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California converted sound into light in 2009.  The field of Cymatics is currently studying how sound and vibration are made visible.  We also know that our most basic genetic material makes beautiful music.  Moses has brought this to our attention if we are capable of questioning what society wants us to see.  “Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”(Hebrews 11:3)  Some branches of Christianity may claim that the Word of God is only found in the Bible, but with closer inspection, it becomes quite questionable.  If we strip the words of scriptures to their bare bones, we find more similarities than differences.

This world is made up of negative and positive poles.  Each cell in our body is electrically charged to have a negative or positive polarity.  We are only guessing how God views the ideas of good and bad until we have full-realization of God.  If everything is Original Goodness in a constant process of change, and all that happens is a necessary agent for growth, then what is viewed as bad, is good for us too.  Regardless of belief, or race and lineage, or what name we have given our Creator; God gives the gift of life to all of us, every day.  This gift is given through the children that spring forth from every culture across the globe, in the life we are living right now, and in the eternal life that we are, because it is our birthright.  All children are children of God, and all children share a similar makeup with their parents.  I pray that all humans go beyond the written words of man and feel the call of the human Spirit, the Eternal Spirit fueling this cosmic play.  God is the Creator of all the cosmos, the Mother, and Father to All.  We are children of the stars, we are always floating amongst the stars, day and night; and, if there are more life forms out there in the some 2 billion galaxies that we know of, then the One God, the God of All, created this life too, and we all share our Eternal Home.  When viewing Source as the Omega, we gain insight into an ultimate level where our connections can never be severed, that our temporary separation is only an illusion, and we see a God that is not indifferent or evil in any way, just One that knows all of His/Her children are always ultimately safe, connected and eternally snuggled within Creators Source Field of Love.  Only by honoring the Life Force in everyone do we step closer to the full experience of God.

I skimmed over the story of Adam and Eve a couple of times while I was writing down Bible verses tonight, and a couple of new connections urge me to continue writing.  The Axis Mundi is often pictured as a tree.  A serpent is symbolic of the Kundalini.  The Kundalini when awakened, rises up through the seven chakras.  Once it pierces the third eye, the symbol of Om, the seat of Christ Consciousness it opens us to a knowledge beyond the knowledge of duality.  The tree of knowledge to know all good and evil, to become like God begins to sound all too familiar.  The energy that awakens at the bottom of the spine moves up like a serpent, resembling the pattern of DNA.  When I looked up the meaning of Adam, I found that in Hebrew it means “to be red, of the Earth, man.” Our root chakra is red, it is the chakra that connects us to the lower realms, to earthly life, we have to overcome its animal desires.  In Russian and Hebrew, Yeva means life; Yeva is a variant of Eve.  This story of creation makes me question why it warns of knowledge beyond duality.  God certainly created us to be infinitely intelligent beings.  What is this secret behind good and evil?


One thought on “Beyond the Names of God

  1. Very Interesting perspective! I also studied a few basic religions in college! Though there was a thread that runs through all the religions that their is a Creator, He breathed life into us and gave us the Gift of Life! But the Living Word is from God! It is the inspired Word of God! Yes their was the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. The Creator wanted a relationship with us through the souls and spirits of His Image that is why He created Man!
    In simpleness, Man chose not to have this relationship as God had planned. From there Man has decided to choose their own way of having a relationship with their Creator God! Those relationships are called Religions! The Word of God doesn’t expose His whole plan, but through His inspired Word written down through the ages, He has revealed some of His plans for His Creation! I believe if you would explore more The Word of God as it was written you will find your answers of most of your questions. He does give Wisdom, gifts, discoveries and reveals much knowledge, but it is how we inhale and exhale it through our life experiences. God does leave mysterious, clues and miracles for us to find! When you find out who He truly is, He reveals lives golden promises and an eternal life and peace.
    thank you for sharing your discoveries of some religions! It has enlightened me.

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