Light, Sound, and Symbolism

We have spent so long dissecting, analyzing, and naming basic matter; matter that we know is all energy.  All words, names, and sounds stem from one source; sound waves.  Sound waves are produced by vibrations-little, tiny particles moving back and forth.  Particles moving back and forth cause a wave.  The faster the vibration, the higher the frequency.  The higher the frequency, the harder to hear.  The exchange of these sound waves, all vibrating at various frequencies give sound to the Universe.  The very source that allows our communication with one another is the exact same.  It does not care about our sexuality, ethnicity, status, or our chosen religion.  The Christian, and the Muslim, engaged in an argument about religious righteousness are exchanging the exact same energy, energy that they are, regardless.  As various religious practices, teachings, connotations, and dogmas play through the mind, I wonder and envision what all would look like if we were to wipe away all of the labels we have assigned.  Amusement moves my being at the simplicity, and yet the majesty as to where the common truths all point.  Are so many of the answers right there, but almost too simple for us to believe?  We have created a beautiful web of complexity out of commonly found messages of truth; persistent we stay to try and prove that the essence of the message we were able to conceive and preserve is the righteous way, regardless of how many it may not contain.  Turning to 1 John 1:5 in the King James version of the Holy bible we see the following:  “This then is the message which we have heard of him and declare unto you, that God is Light, and in him is no darkness at all.”  How can the Alpha and Omega not embody all that It is?  Matthew 5:13-16 tells us, “You are the light of the world.”

Humanities’ search for meaning and truth in this life, continues to bare more offerings.  I want to further discuss seeing reality and religion more clearly by engaging in the quote, “by His light all is lighted” found in The World’s Religions, by Huston Smith.  Reflection upon a few of Mircea Eliade’s insights into symbolism are also engaged in hopes to connect some of the common themes found within various religious works, myths, and numerology.  With each contemplative intake, symbolism has a way of deepening its meaning to the subject studying it.  In recent studies and personal experiences, light and symbolism have both been presenting themselves as keys to unlocking more “hidden” passages into a greater reality.

The term enlightenment refers to an illuminated mind, or one who sees more light.  Light is a wave of alternating electrical and magnetic fields.  And like sound, the higher the frequency of a wave of light, the harder it is to see.  The electromagnetic spectrum measures different lengths, and frequencies of light.  The average human eye only sees 0.0001% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Interestingly, sound can increase the vibratory rate of the body (reason for mantras); increasing the vibratory rate of the body, allows more light to be seen.

We live in an age where we can watch the flash of light that occurs upon conception of human life on YouTube.  Countless near death experiences give testimony to the light at the end of the tunnel.  The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light that can now be detected through scientific machinery.  It is only through light rays entering the physical eye, and the transduction of this light by the nervous system and brain that we are able to see, to make anything out of this outer world.  Brandon West, contributor for Waking Times, describes the body as a holographic projection of consciousness.  The following quote from scripture supports this statement, “For anything that becomes visible is light,” Ephesians 5:14.  Color exists in light, bringing us to the rainbow.

Now, let us discuss God’s promise, the rainbow.  Eliade clues us in as to how the symbolism of the sacred “are always on their way to becoming more universal.”  In Greek mythology, we find the rainbow depicted as goddess Iris’s belt, or a footpath between heaven and Earth.  Buddhist mythology also links the Earth to the heavens through the rainbow; Samsara, the world of illusion to Nirvana, formless emptiness.  Tibetan Buddhism tells of the Rainbow Body.  David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, has been investigating the phenomenon of the Rainbow Body.  “The rainbow body is a complex phenomenon that will probably take years of study.  If we can establish as an anthropological fact, says Steindl-Rast, that what is described in the resurrection of Jesus has not only happened to others, but is happening today, it would put our view of human potential in a completely different light.”  This subject is extensive and there is a vast amount of fascinating information that is not commonly spoken about, or discussed, especially in the West.

The number 7 provides us with the sacred symbolism to dig deeper into the concept of the Rainbow Body.  There are 7 rays of light, thus creating the 7 colors of the rainbow.  The Bible speaks of 7 days, The Gita of 7 sages, and there are 7 energy centers in the body, chakras.  The 7 chakras correspond exactly to the 7 main nerve ganglia, which emanate from the spinal column, the very first part of the body that comes into form.  The color red is associated with the first chakra, the root chakra.  Orange with the second chakra, and ascending on up in complete accordance with the color wheel, and the rainbow the energy centers of the body continue.  There are many techniques available to assist one in consciously activating, and opening their chakras.  Opening the chakras is like climbing a ladder to the divine, the devotee works their way up each “spinning wheel”, or vortex of Light, striving to open each and every one, working up towards the crown at the top of the head.  The bible speaks of twelve gates to the city of heaven, the human brain has twelve cranial nerves, the twelve gates of the heavenly city.  In Dr. Pillai’s words, “Lightbody is a matter of evolution.”  Jesus told us we would be given new bodies.  Is it possible that authority figures have wanted to keep full truth from us?

The symbolism found in the number 3 is over-flowing with its own illumination.  The Trikaya doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism states that Buddha manifests in three different ways:  “created body, Nirmanakaya, manifests in time and space; Body of mutual enjoyment, Sambhogakaya, clear light manifestation; and the body of truth, Dharmakaya, which knows no limits, or boundaries, is bliss.”  Hinduism teaches three bodies; the subtle mental body, causal body, and physical body.  Yogananda described them as the causal body, astral body, and physical body.  The tree contains 3 parts; the roots, trunk, and branches.  Heaven, Earth, and the underworld; The Trinity; birth, life, death; self, Atman, Brahma; Aum is a 3 part symbol, and the number 3 is in its actual symbol.  Brahma as creator, Vishnu as preserver, and Shiva as destroyer represent another aspect of 3.

The body is an instrument, an instrument that plays God’s sound, energy, and vibration, the vibration of Life.  This came to me the other morning when my son asked me, “What is an instrument?”  I replied, “Anything that plays music.”  The instruments may come and go, but the music continues on without missing a beat.


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