The Very Source of All


When we contemplate life we realize there is an ongoing quest within and without.  One that each individual can only fulfill and arrive to on their own.  Roger Schmidt breathes reflective insight into this quest in his works, Exploring Religion.  Schmidt defines religion as “a human seeking and responding to what is experienced as holy”; in class holy was described as transcending this reality, while being present as well.  Webster states that something holy has a divine quality, divine power; is spiritually whole, sound, entire, perfect, and acceptable to God.  Only a seeker can start a quest, and what is this seeker seeking?  Divine Qualities, Wholeness, and Perfection, to be filled so completely that there is not one need left?  “The Quest then is rooted in ultimate situations and a longing for liberation, or wholeness.  Essential to it is a restlessness, a perception by seekers that their lives are incomplete or missing something.”  Schmidt goes on to say “a religious quest begins with a “dis-ease” with the life one is living and a desire to live more fully and to conform one’s life to the ultimate,” leaving the reader to ponder the restlessness in their own life and what one must do to satisfy their seemingly infinite desires that tend to exist within the confines of this current realm we call reality.  Discomfort encourages us to seek comfort.

To some there is only one path to Eternal Bliss, and to others there are many.  If all exist within the One then both of these ring true.  In Exploring Religion we are shown a commonality between all religions, “the end of all religions –re-union with God.”  There are times throughout life that press an individual to wonder three things, “who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going” Schmidt refers to these as “ultimate concerns” and they are caused by “ultimate situations” ones that cause us to question existence.  A Jewish chant includes the words “Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is one Lord.”  In order to internalize the words of Blaise Pascal the muscles of the mind must be stretched, “The universe, he wrote, “is an infinite space, the centre of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.”  What do we center our lives on so that we may too find the Infinite?  Ecclesiastes knows that God “has put eternity into man’s mind.”  Why does Infinite Intelligence live within living beings?  The question, “is this creative intelligence a Being whose love beckons us to center our lives in it?” arises in Schmidt.  There is reason to believe that a man is a whole world of his own, the microcosm, and that the universe is the macrocosm.  “Reflection about the sacred is inseparable from reflection about those who seek it” notes R.S. in his introduction.  How often are we only exploring our own reflection?  We explore infinite territory here on Earth, there is always something to be discovered, on the inside and out.  When our center is based on an object that is finite, it undergoes constant relocation as we undergo change and growth.  Only by placing our center of importance on what is infinite may we learn to align and flow with Life as One.

Along with recognizing the longing for liberation, we must start to discern the best methods for learning to walk our path.  The path of Knowledge, of Action, and of surrendering to God, through love and devotion, are among many facilitators that accelerate the evolution of individual consciousness back towards Perfection in Wholeness.  Throughout his work, Roger Schmidt looks deeply into the emotional, social, and intellectual needs of religion, along with its features and diversity.  Religions of the world are full of unverifiable and paradoxical claims.  These claims turn nations against one another, and yet leave each individual standing alone in deciding what resonates as truth inside of their own being.  “Everyone should carefully observe what way his heart draws him to, and then choose this way with all his strength,” Rabbi Baer writes, quoting his teacher.  One group may say that only through Christ can we find salvation, another may claim that meditation is the way to liberation, and yet another may point towards Buddha, but only by following our own heart may the war inside subside.

Why are we capable of questioning why we are here?  Why do we question our location in time and space?  Does the capability of recalling memories from the past, or the ability to imagine our future give reason to believe we are capable of transcending time and space anytime we want?  Dreaming is just one example of visiting different states of consciousness.  Home is often said to be where the heart is; our heart experiences so much yearning during Earthly life.  The things of this world may temporarily satisfy, but eventually more is craved.  A home is a place for rest, care, and rejuvenation; active engagement in life feels like work and eventually wears down the body.  Our origin must not be of the Earth for us to wonder why we are here.  Just as much as the body comes from the Earth, the Earth comes from the Forces of Creation.

Different religions, and different paths, can often just be a different way of explaining the very same thing.  For example, Christianity teaches the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; the Hindu’s teach Sat, Tat, Aum.  Sat, or the Father, is God as Creator beyond creation, or cosmic consciousness; the Absolute Unmanifested, existing beyond vibratory creation.  Tat (God the Son) is God’s omnipresent intelligence existing in creation, the Christ Consciousness within vibratory creation.  “For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” John 5:22.  God at the highest level is beyond physical manifestation, beyond duality, unable to judge or see right/wrong.  All is perfection in this eternal state.  We must reach a high enough vibration to pass through the “pearly gates”.  We are not judged in the way we perceive judging as humans, frequency is attracted to similar frequencies, we go to what we are, and we are what we think.  The Holy Ghost (Aum) the blissful Comforter, the vibratory power of God that objectifies and becomes creation.  Meditators meditate on Aum, chanting Aum activates the Pineal Gland and helps to raise the devotee’s frequency, while also focusing and quieting the mind.  I have heard that Amen originates from Aum.  There is reason to believe that Aum is the Word that pours forth from the mouth of God sustaining all of Life.  All words are vibrations, Aum is the vibration of the Cosmos.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” John 1:1.

Life is our path.  Total surrender is not to an almighty God above and beyond us, it is not just to our Highest Self, but to Life itself.  When we can truly trust that all is in order, all is just as it should be, that sometimes things are going to happen that are just inconceivable to us at a particular moment in time, and when we begin to see how suffering and joy both bring us to exactly where we need to be, we align with Life.  Truth is unique to each individual in the same way that we are all a unique essence of The One.  Perhaps some of our nations need to re-evaluate the meaning of only one God before us.  Humans have always had a natural desire to be infinitely all-knowing, and contain eternity in the mind due to a connection that can become an open, or closed channel to an all-knowing, eternal, and infinite God/Source.  Not all of us see energetically, but God is not invisible.  God is the magician behind the sunset painting before our very eyes; the little tree that grows so subtly we can’t hardly tell it is growing, and then in what seems like just a moment we are shocked by how “suddenly” it becomes big; the very reason why not one of us is the exact same; the very source of each breath; and the energy involved in every heartbeat.  Only our very Source can fill, satisfy, and be everything that we are, and have ever searched for without dependence upon anything.  It is time to collectively step into higher Truths.



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