Exploring a Larger World

This is a fantastic video for anyone who is interested in expanding their awareness and reality.  I began practicing my meditations in a dark room, some of the time, a little over a year ago; I have been delighted with the vision and knowing that this practice stimulates and greatly increases.  I highly encourage giving this a try, just sit in a completely dark room with eyes open, or closed, and focus on your brow chakra.  Be conscious of your breathing.  I just read the book, METATRON THIS IS THE CLARION CALL, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW…..Amazing!  I am going to be studying this book for a long time.  The exercises in it are surprisingly intense.  It is written and channeled by R Mackenzie.  I mention this book because I have tried different breathing exercises and have not found one that stuck, or really moved me until practicing what lies in this book by Mackenzie.

The video also recommends the aid of crystals, I have wrote a little bit about my personal experience with the mineral family in a previous post, Deepening Our Understanding of Self.  I have been profoundly surprised and grateful for their assistance in this journey.

Here is the link to the video, may it bring some excitement and joy to your day!

DMT: The Link Between Worlds


One thought on “Exploring a Larger World

  1. Not having seen the video yet, you are describing one method for awakening kundalini.Focusing on the brow center with eyes closed was one method that was part of my awakening. Just so you know—once uncorked, there is no putting it back. But if you are ready, read up on K and how to work constructively with it.

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