The Communication of Cells

The brain and nervous system are the body’s electrical wiring, they operate through the use of electrical signals. Neurons transmit electrical signals throughout the body, while glia cells protect and support the neurons. Alexander Disease is a rare neurodegenerative disease that has been divided into three forms; infantile, juvenile, and adult. The age of onset varies, and there has not been any prevalence found in a particular ethnic group, or sex. Ninety five percent of cases harbor mutations in the GFAP (Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein) gene, and no other genetic causes are known (Messing 2012). A genetic defect is present in the patient, and yet it does not show signs of genetic inheritance, it occurs sporadically. GFAP is an intermediate filament protein involved in the structural development of the cells. An astrocyte is a star-shaped glial cell, it is the most numerous of cells in the CNS. Individuals with Alexander Disease develop astrocyte cells with abnormal structures known as Rosenthal fibers. Rosenthal fibers contain large quantities of the protein GFAP. Clinical studies suggest that the symptoms of this complex condition are likely consequences of astrocytes dysfunction, rather than astrocyte loss.

At this time, the course of this leukodystrophy is progressive. There is no recognized cure, nor is there a standard course of treatment. Treatment is symptomatic to each patient. Alexander disease was first described in 1949, about 500 cases have been reported. Early-onset patients often suffer from seizures, spasticity, or developmental delays. Difficulty talking, swallowing, and the inability to cough may accompany AD. Later-onset tends to be milder, difficulties in speech, articulation, swallowing, sleep disturbances, and signs of hindbrain dysfunction can all be symptoms. Lifespan is related to age of onset; median of 14 years for early on-set, and median of 25 years for late on-set.

It is challenging for researchers to study the role of astrocytes in mammalian nervous systems due to glia being crucial to the survival of neurons both in vivo, and in vitro (Banker 1980, Craig and Banker 1994, Shaham 2006). Matricellular proteins are expressed by astrocytes in the CNS of rodents, the studies that have been conducted, suggest these proteins may be involved in developmental processes such as: cell proliferation, maturation, cell migration, axonal guidance, synapse formation, and tissue repair, and remodeling in the adult CNS (Eroglu 2009). In work with flies, functions and dysfunctions of the nervous system involve cross talk between glia and neurons (Messing 2012). Synaptic signaling involves astrocyte participation, one astrocyte is estimated to contact thousands of synapses (Bushong et al. 2002), and communicate between them. Enabling them to activate many populations of neurons simultaneously.

A small number of people thought to have AD do not have identifiable mutations in GFAP. Researchers have reason to believe that there may be other genetic, or perhaps even nongenetic causes of AD. Genetic, or non-genetic, there is an energetic force that guides all physiological, and psychological processes. In the physical world, all is in motion, everything vibrates, and vibration creates frequency. Frequency is the rate at which an object vibrates, often per second. Molecules move to a rhythm, there is an on-going dance in all of Life.

University of Michigan biophysical chemist Raoul Koppelman created the smallest voltmeters. In 2008 Koppelman discovered that a single human cell can contain thousands of voltmeters; only one millionth of the cell’s volume is occupied when thousands of voltmeters are present. This is an excess of 15 million volts per meter throughout, about the strength of lightning. Proving that the cell is full of electrical and chemical energy throughout. (Kehr 2015) The knowledge that comes with understanding electrically excitable cells may lead to a doorway capable of enlightening the realm of modern science on the source of all cellular complications.

Studies in Neurobehavior have found that when electric fields are induced in the body, by direct contact with external electrodes, or exposure to low frequency magnetic fields of sufficient enough magnitude, will excite nerve tissue through their interaction with voltage-gated ion channels. The transmembrane electric field is responsible for the sensitivity of this interaction. It varies widely between different ion channels. Many voltage-gated ion channels are associated with electrical excitability and electrical signaling. Neurons, glial and muscle cells, endocrine cells of the anterior pituitary, adrenal medulla and pancreas, gametes, and endothelial cells all comprise such electrically excitable cells (Hille, Anderson 2001). All of these cells generally express voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels, calcium ions activate numerous crucial cellular processes. Research on the effect of low frequency electric fields has found that the electric charge on the surface of a human (or other living organism) is induced when exposed to a low frequency electric field that alternates in amplitude with the frequency of the applied field. The alternation of the surface charge with time induces an electric field and therefore current flow within the body. These currents and fields can interact with electrically excitable nerve and muscle tissue. People show variations in sensitivity to induced electric fields. The ability to detect fields, or currents, appears to decrease with increasing frequency.

“Here cells are seen as fractals embedded in a holographic energetic matrix where everything is interconnected and capable of influencing any other part of the matrix. Information can be communicated through photons of ultraviolet and visible light, phonons of sound, multiple resonant cellular vibrations, charge density waves and quantum potentials. The body becomes visible as a living, energetic whole even though composed of specialized organ systems and cellular aggregates. Ultimately a picture of an electromagnetically unified matrix containing a self-organizing blueprint with innumerable feedback loops begins to emerge.” Karl Maret, MD

A self-organizing blue print that can be influenced by sound, light, and vibration…?
Technological advances allow us to manipulate matter, dissect, direct, and label it physically. Even so, the cyclic nature of the Universe swings back to the ancient spiritual notion that the body is enlivened by a subtle energetic system. Shamans have long known the healing effects of sacred songs, and instruments of sound and vibration. In 1990 Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the four nucleotides (A, T, G, and C) inherently form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns (Murphy 2012). Biologist, Dr. David Deamer, and Susan Alexjander, MA in music, measured actual molecular vibrations of DNA, and recorded it using an infrared spectrophotometer. They determined its sound frequency by exposing each section of DNA to infrared light, measured wavelength absorbed, and said, “What it made was hauntingly beautiful music.” There are great Masters that teach of a cosmic vibration; one that manifests all of physical creation. Without energy, and vibration, there is no sound.

There is proof that in using correct light, and sound frequencies we can activate some of our mobile DNA to re-code certain portions of the genome. In 1951, at the Queen Victoria Hospital in West Sussex, England a famous case of hypnotically induced genetic alteration was documented; Dr. Albert A. Mason remedied a teenage boy of Brocq’s disease. Dr. Mason effectively reprogrammed the boy’s genes in a matter of weeks by using hypnotic suggestion, simply using words. Click for pictures and report.
So, what does light have to do with DNA, cellular processes, and the intelligence within our genetics? In vitro DNA samples, in a test tube, had the ability to attract and harness coherent laser light, causing it to spiral along the DNA helix. When the DNA sample and apparatus were removed the photons continued to spiral as if the DNA was still there; this has been termed the “DNA Phantom Effect,” and has been observed to last for up to a month. The information recorded from this experiment presents to us that DNA not only absorbs and emits light, but radio frequencies, and phonons -as well as- harnesses sound and light. Dr. Peter Gariaev and his team reported these discoveries in 1984-85.

A phenomenon occurs when you blast a cell with UV light until 99 percent of the cell, including its DNA, is destroyed; you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a weaker intensity. This phenomenon is called photorepair, and encouraged physicist Fritz-Albert Popp’s work. Popp and his student Ruth created a machine called the photomultiplier, which counts light, photon by photon, allowing them to measure the biophoton emission from the organism being studied. Measurements have proved to Popp that DNA is one of the most essential sources of inner-light and biophoton emission, calling it the “master tuning fork of the body.” His work presents us with living DNA communicating with other DNA in the body via these biophotons. The DNA of living cells store and release photons. After years of research Popp concludes “We now know today that man is essentially a being of light.” It is time to further investigate internal light and the connection it has to health and wellness.

Kirlian photography enables us all to see the energetic light of the body, the light that mystics, and clairvoyant seers have spoken of for ages, the aura. Dr. Walter J. Kilner who was in charge of electrotherapy at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London discovered that the apparent human aura could be made visible if viewed through an apparatus containing a coal-tar dye called dicyanin, which made ultraviolet light visible (Crock 1998). Theories suggest that the aura might actually be a form of light that emanates at frequencies beyond the normal range of vision; coinciding with earlier information in this paper regarding how vibrations of higher frequencies are more difficult to perceive physically through touch and bodily sensations. Kilner began to notice that the aura reflected the state of health. As various patients were healing from different illnesses within the physical body, Kilner was able to witness the healing that took place in their auras as well. It was also noted that weak, depleted auras drain the auric energy of healthy, vigorous auras around them. The results of his early research were published in 1911 in his book, The Human Aura.

The ability to capture the aura on camera gives insight into various methods of healing across cultures. The aura is often viewed as a representation of one’s life force, and is said to be an electrical field that surrounds the body. When an aura photograph is taken, there are spots of light that show up in front of the body, which are the energy centers where the nerves come together. These correspond with what some call chakras. Chakras are the vortices that penetrate the body and the body’s aura, they are believed to play a vital role in physical, mental, and emotional health. Clairvoyants say that health disturbances often manifest in the aura, and thus in the chakras, months and sometimes years before they manifest in the physical body. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the body has a system of meridians, through which an invisible energy called Chi, or the Life Force flows. When this energy is blocked at any point along the pathways and illness occurs. This is the healing concept behind acupuncture. Western science has now noticed the many hollow tubes surrounding the axon of a neuron. These microtubules have been thought of as a “scaffold to support the nerve fiber, now a second look is being taken by some, at their possibility of being the architecture of our consciousness. Their size appears to be perfectly designed to transmit photos in the UV range” (Eden 2016).

Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA, believes that DNA Transposons are the driving force behind the evolution of human consciousness, and physiology. Transposons and retrotransposons “jumping DNA” can rewrite, activate, and deactivate certain genetic codes. Jumping DNA makes up as much as half of the total DNA nucleotides. Anger, fear, and similar emotions have been discovered to compress DNA; Joy, gratitude, and love had a decompressing effect on the DNA they were exposed to. This discovery was made by Dr. Glen Rein, he found through experimentation that when DNA is stimulated by love based emotions, messenger RNA can access codes for healing. Negative states compressed the helix severely enough that access to genetic information necessary for healing as well as evolutions became limited. Emotions are said to be energy in motion. Broad information is available on the healing effects of frequencies. 528 Hz has been used by molecular biologist to repair genetic defects. Ironically, the frequency of love is said to be 528 Hz. It is time for humanities attention to be directed towards light, and energy. God is Love; Life is God; Love is always the answer. The first thing God says in Genesis is, “Let there be light.” Evolution and God are both even better together. The broader the perception gets, the better it All fits. Science and Spirituality have so much to offer one another. Humanity encompasses much more than we are led to believe.

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