Deepening Our Understanding of Self

As we awake to higher realizations of our Authentic Self we begin to live our passion, we become more deeply aware of our calling, our path.  Time is less important.  The bigger picture is felt more and more.  Growth involves the process of letting go of what no longer works.  As we expand and grow in awareness limited beliefs begin to no longer serve us, a larger reality is being seen, and felt.  The following is some advice that came to me the other day during a moment of silence:  Release all of your old, out-dated beliefs.  Beliefs that have been held due to many illusions, need and fear to name two.  Become open to all of your real desires.  Shed the doubts and shadows.  Open to all that is; the unlimited possibilities awaiting within All!  My wish for this year is that we all have the courage to let go, to let go of the things that keep us from experiencing unconditional Love.

The last four years have really caught me by surprise.  They have been some of the most difficult, and absolutely the most amazing.  In 2012 I was clueless to what the word ascension meant.  I was clueless as to what to believe religiously, or spiritually.  All I knew I could really believe was what I felt intuitively.  I always knew there was a God, or Higher Power, and I knew I was very, very close to this Presence.  I just couldn’t feel devoted to any of the ways I had been shown to “find” or “receive” Eternal Life.  Over the last four years the ups and down have opened, and continue to open me to a Self that has always remembered, and always knows.  Life begins to make some sense to me when I view it as a cycle that propels humanity into higher and higher levels of Consciousness.  There is a wealth of information all around us, many blogs here on WordPress, websites, and other sources are all at our fingertips; all providing insight into Ascension.  Truth goes with Truth, it works together, fits together, the similarities can be seen and pieced together.  Almost daily, I am in awe by how many of my individual experiences have coincided with those of prediction by individuals dedicated to helping us raise and expand our Consciousness.  In this article I want to share some information about a couple of things that are helping me to walk my path while also deepening my understanding.

As I work to become more sensitive to higher frequencies the delightfulness that occurs constantly catches me by surprise.  How can there be so much happiness coming from somewhere deep inside of me?  I am amazed by how Life answers my questions so quickly, amazed by how much more we truly are.  Mother Earth has given us many tools to help us see Truth.  My best friend from childhood told me she had bought crystals at a psychic fair.  I instantly wanted to know where I could buy some.  I soon saw a sign for a rock store in town and went in to check it out.  I was drawn to a piece of black Obsidian and held it in my hand while taking in the store.  Fascination captured me and I was, and still am, surprised by the various healing affects the different stones are known for.  I debated whether I should spend forty dollars on the stone I was holding and decided to put it back for the time being.  As I walked away I was absolutely shocked that I felt so much better!  I felt lighter, calmer, and happier.  I was more at ease with myself and everything around me.  The feeling was fleeting and the stone was on my mind for the days to follow.  I told my husband about my trip to the rock store and he encouraged me to go back and purchase the rock.  While I was checking out, the man tending to the little store asked me if I had ever held Moldavite.  When I told him I had not, he dropped a small, blackish, green stone into my right hand.  My right side began to feel warm and tingly, then numb.  The top of my head buzzed with such delight I had to buy the Moldavite right then and there.  The man informed me that some people hold the stone in their mouth while meditating.  I have been carrying these two stones with me almost every day since purchasing them.  Peace and happiness continue to bloom more and more from my very being; I am very grateful to have found the assistance of rocks and crystals.  I continue to be drawn to more, including Amethyst, and Labradorite.  Here are a few traits about each of these stones:

Moldavite– product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago; high vibrational stone, powerful chakra opener, sleeping with Moldavite activates the Dream State, wearing it helps manifest positive life change; and it is believed in legend to be the green stone in the Holy Grail that has the power to quicken one’s spiritual evolution.

Black Obsidian- strong psychic protection, shields negativity, helps to ground you to Mother Gaia, and assists in the release of disharmony.

Amethyst Crystal- aids in healing, brings intense spiritual growth, can help aid in beating addictions, highly protective, and helps to quiet the mind.

Labradorite- stone of magic, encourages self-discovery, helps in awakening one’s own awareness of Spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities, and also known for safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness.

crystal 3

These stones I mentioned are easy to find online, and are common in many local rock stores.  I often carry a few in my pockets.  Holding them during meditation increases intensity.  It is recommended to place stones and crystals near to your place of sleep.  They bring a wonderful presence to your home.  When taking a bath I often set mine along the side of the tub, and, or on different chakra locations on my body.  To bring more peace to your soul and space, light some candles and incense, add a cup of Himalayan salt to your bath, and play some meditative music, or enjoy silence.  To help decalcify your Pineal Gland enjoy water with fresh lemon juice.

Love and Light to All.

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