Becoming a Mountain of Strength Within

I sometimes forget how much added excitement they bring to my life.  After growing up viewing a sunset that reaches out to touch a horizon at eye level, it is a special joy to view massive, majestical mounds stretching for the sky above.  Some days soft, white clouds rest quietly upon them.  Unique displays of new and beautiful scenery each and everyday increases my wonder.  A picture rarely captures their energy or magnificence.  You must stand on one and let your spirit soar free.

Mountains were the first to come to me in a vision after beginning to practice meditation.  I had been praying really hard last year around this time, deeply confused over struggles within concerning one of my earliest relationships in life.  I was just about ready to end a Hong-Sau session when something insisted that I sit awhile longer.  The next thing I knew my consciousness was viewing a spectacular mountain range from above.  As my awareness glided over these jagged points of Mother Earth I knew they were just as much a part of me, as I am of them.  Enjoying this inner closeness brought peace to my being.  Then a neighborhood was in the distance and gazing at these homes filled me with the knowledge of knowing that every person living in these various houses were just as important as ones own dearly beloved.  I then understood that it is ok to release relationships that demand you to act in ways you naturally resist.  If they take from you the very desire to love and give more to others it is ok to let go.  One person should not demand so much from another that they expect to be consistently treated with more affection or held higher than other people.  It is ok and even healthy to withdrawal from relationships that drain our energy and take from our passions in life, or keep us from pursuing our true talents.  We need to live authentically to fulfill our life’s mission.  We must protect and nurture ourselves to keep striving higher and higher to endless new potentials.

Mountains tell us to stand strong, still, and to enjoy the eternal beauty around us always.  We are all at one with every living atom in the Universe.  Fill your heart with love for all, but surround yourself with the positive light of company that warms your heart and ignites the passion to live your best everyday.  Know that you deserve to be happy and free, but only you can live everyday to your hearts yearnings.  I end this post with a quote.

” The emotional pain you go through in these cycles can be unimaginable.  Until you truly face your fears and gain enough courage to weed out the villains, users, and manipulators in your life, you will never truly finish your quest.  You may be terrified of hurting other people’s feelings, even if they have no problem hurting you.  Sometimes the solution can be as simple as realizing that the greatest gift you can give them is to prevent them from manipulating you any further, so they may eventually learn to respect others”.  David Wilcock


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