Sharing What is Ours

Earlier today I felt an inner urge to share some of what I have been up to over the last few months.  Spring semester was busy, add two toddlers and a new puppy to the homework and it can be a struggle to enter into silence.  Lazy summer days have now arrived and my search continues on full force most days.  My 30th session of neurofeedback just passed and I am still left without the right words to be able to describe the experience to you, dear readers.  (I will eventually write about my journey with neurofeedback).  To say the least, it has left me in a state of greater calmness while living more in the present day, each day.  The need to take better care of self is even stronger, growth in understanding of self, and deeper meditations are a few of the many positive effects that accompany this energy therapy.  I have also stumbled across many amazing meditation music selections on YouTube.  Just typing meditation music into their search engine offers a vast selection of sounds and tones to increase concentration or activate a chakra.  Pure theta waves have been a selection of mine for meditation or sleep.  Various frequencies have been shown to activate energy centers within the body, 288 Hz MMM Mantra has been powerful for me and can be found on YouTube to help activate the Pineal gland.  Binaural beats and Isochronic tones are also worth listening to.

These videos led me to watch others about decalcifying the Pineal gland.  Since reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, reading, studying, and focusing on the spiritual eye has become a daily part of this life.  I was not aware of this simple information I now share about the physical science side of this inner eye or Pineal Gland.  Fluoride is harmful to this gland, it is best to avoid water that has had fluoride added to it, and toothpaste.  Spirulina can assist with detoxifying the Pineal gland, I recently started taking it again.  Cilantro, lemon, green leafy vegetables, and eating a diet low in meat, high in raw fruits and vegetables all increase the health and activation of the Pineal gland.  Avoiding white, refined sugars and starches is also valuable when it comes to raising our vibrations and consciousness.  Spending time in complete darkness with eyes open also helps to activate the Pineal gland.  When we are not able to see with our physical eyes our choice becomes the minds eye.  I have found this particular practice to increase my own ability to stay focused without as much tension around the physical eyes.

My favorite advice right now is to spend time barefoot directly on our Mother earth!  The Flathead River runs behind our house and standing in it, with bare feet on cold rocks, is completely energizing.  Especially, in the right state of mind.  I have read that this connection is very grounding for us and helps to keep us in the present moment.  I think it even neutralizes our ions.  Ram Dass’s  Journey of Awakening, A Meditator’s Guidebook is full of meditation paths.  I recommend it, enjoyed reading it, and need to read it again.  Check out Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) on You Tube too, his videos have been very informative for me.  My current read is The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock; I think I should write a review on it upon finishing.

A few things we can do to be more connected to our Higher Self:

  • Avoid fluoride
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits
  • Listen to tones and frequencies that help to raise our vibrations
  • Explore meditation paths
  • Connect with nature
  • Spend time barefoot outside
  • Read
  • Journal

May we all grow to love our own unique Journey more and more.


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