The Body is a Battlefield

The fight between ego and soul continues and the soul is gaining more soldiers.  My heart is so full of excitement it is as though I can barely contain it.  As I begin to see more clearly and follow the inner voice, the ego has to make sure it puts up one fierce fight.  Old habits and ways of thinking try to knock and confuse the message of the heart.  But deep down we all know to allow our hearts to guide.  It is as though a part of me has been hooked like a fish on a pole and my higher self just keeps reeling me in while the little ego is kicking and screaming the whole way.  Some days I feel like a helpless bystander as the war wages on.  I have been giving up everything, everything I thought I needed, but don’t.  I continue to let go of attachments.  And in all of this emptiness there is an ecstatic joy rising inside.  Now I sit here wondering why I defied myself for so long.  The tugging on my heart has always been there and I did everything I could to ignore it.  Even so, my heart led me exactly where I need to be and it is hard to believe.  To believe that the Divine really answers our deepest desires no matter how naughty or UN-worthy we may feel; often more beautifully and more perfectly than we ever imagine in our wildest dreams.  We are loved so much more than most of us ever know in this life.  We are love.  We must trust the Divine and know that everything is already taken care of.  There is no need for control and we all have our own unique, exciting path home.  May we enjoy our lessons here and love ourselves so we may become a fountain of endless love.  Don’t allow the ego to trick you, let your heart win.  Stop the battle and surrender to the truth that is really you.  I can finally say I am ready.  Ready to completely surrender.

Girl on Beach


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