Questioning How We Perceive Reality

There are moments in life when nothing feels quite right.  A prickly feeling creeps over the skin and the mind knows the world can’t be exactly how it seems.  You can be driving down a dirt road and come across an abandon homestead; now it is a hay field and only tractors circle the fallen log home.  The old, decaying barn, reminds you of how everything on earth eventually ends up just like this barn.  Once this barn was full of hay and livestock, the house raised many families and was filled with many sad and happy moments of their lives.  Now, in what is always like a blink of an eye for all of us, it is all over, so it seems.

These experiences can overwhelm us with emotion and cause us to cling to things in hope that we can savor them longer.  What we fail to realize is that we do not like endings, because in our ultimate reality there is no ending or beginning, there is just being.  We must take time for quietness and stop overwhelming our minds with constant noise and busyness.  Our inner-most self is always trying to show us the way; we are often just too busy covering it up to notice.



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