Beauty In Us All

“The divine is constantly revealing him or herself through beauty.  And every time we human beings discover beauty within ourselves, we touch divinity.  You may touch divinity by discovering rhythm and order in words through poetry, in the body through dance, in sound through music, in form through sculpture, in space through architecture, and in thought through mathematics.  These are the six paths for encountering the divine through rhythm and harmony.  The offering you make in a temple is beauty, just plain beauty.”  Ganapathi Sthapati

I found this quote while doing research for school and had to share this.  I have began to notice the more I meditate and  journey down this path of Self-Realization; the more I feel a growing desire to write.  When I hear music and dance to music, it becomes more and more exciting.  I can feel energy run through my body,  lately when I dance it feels like the hair on my head is standing straight up.  I love it.  I want a beer less and less because these subtle energies are so much fun to feel and explore.  I just downloaded an app on my phone to teach me to play the guitar, I want to play an instrument and I have never before really had this desire.  I started playing with pastels last summer and needing outlets for all of this new energy.  I did not connect any of this until I read this quote.  I see how truthful his words are because I have experienced this change within myself.  God is beauty; we are all beauty, we are all one in the same.

For the first time in my life, I want to need absolutely nothing.  I want to wake up in the morning and just enjoy the love that surrounds my life.  To walk outside and be in complete appreciation for the sun coming up and the Earth that gives me all I really need.  I am lucky to be standing on a planet that is spinning in the emptiness of space.

Thank you everyone for all the beauty you are constantly adding to our lovely planet.


Victoria 1

Love, Me


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