The Real Reason Behind Physical Touch

My fifteen month old son and I are dancing around the living room to Van Morrison.  I am eight months pregnant with his sister.  The feeling that rips through my body is unexplainable.  My heart swells and yearns with so much love it is almost unbearable.  I try to lock everything about this very moment into my mind, so that I may never forget.  It is one of those moments that when you are ninety and laying on your death bed, you want to be able to picture it perfectly over and over.

It is in this moment that I realize for the first time, what we are all truly craving.  We need Soul to Soul contact.  It is not about physical arms wrapped around one another; It is about the overwhelming feeling of joy spreading through our whole spirit and sharing it with another.  Humans crave closeness to one another; especially body to body, this is due to being a Soul encased in a body.  What we really crave is Soul to Soul contact.




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