Another Article on Dealing With Anxiety

I have to share some information I have found through personal investigation.  We all deal with anxiety from time to time.  I am one who avoids the doctor, unless, I am absolutely left without a choice.   After my daughter was born, I became aware of the anxiety I have been experiencing for years.  I had to find a way to deal with it, at least a way to make it manageable.  I turned to meditation time after time; when you have young children, lots of chores, and homework, it can be difficult to find time in the silence of your own temple.  Here are a few gifts from Mother Nature that have been helpful to me.

Passion Flower-  I bought a bottle of capsules at my local Natural Grocers.  It is subtle in the way it helps calm your nerves; I definitely began to notice passion flower helping to keep my heart rate more consistent.

Kava Kava Root- Buy the liquid extract, it is immediately calming.  Some studies on Kava Kava claim this root may be hard on your liver.  The label will often recommend not using it for long periods of time or with alcohol.  To occasionally calm your nerves, it is immediately soothing.  Especially, for those of us who are used to turning to an alcoholic beverage for it’s calming effects, kava kava can be quite effective.

Lavender Essential Oil-  Apply this to the back of your neck, bottom of your feet, wrists, temples, ect.  You can apply a few drops to your pillow to help you sleep at night.  I love lavender and sniff it anytime I need it’s soothing effect.

Herbal tea- Your natural isle inside of your grocery store most often has a vast variety of herbal soothing or healing teas.  I enjoy the Yogi teas often.  They have so many different blends, from stress-relief to emotional blues and many more.

Tara Healing Incense-  on the box it says, “Try one and see the result”, It also states, ” it has been used for centuries as a traditional Tibetan medicine for stress, depression, and tension”.  I like to light this incense and leave it burning on the side of the tub while I read and soak.

Vitamin D-  Many Americans are deficient on this vitamin.  We need to supplement with D during cold and cloudy months or anytime we are inside more often.  Vitamin D, may help to give you a boost of smiles, when fun in the sun isn’t very likely.

Vitamin B- Go for the complex and preferably raw.  Many of us tend to be deficient in B vitamins as well.  B vitamins are essential for our nerves and stress response.  I feel much better when I am eating well and taking my vitamins.  Our bodies ability to process stress increases with adequate nutrition.


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