Our Need For Creative Energy

I stand marveling at the mountain range; mountains that are speckled with rust colored Larch and the first few light snows of the season.  Light begins to make its way up the backside of the range illuminating soft and thin layers of pastel clouds.   I see peach, rose, and lavender clouds and there is a stillness that captivates my gaze.  What a gift we are all given to be able to take in such beauty.  Beauty that surrounds all of us if we choose to see it.

When this type of energy comes over my being it encourages me to write.  I laugh at the other nature of my being that immediately has to remind me of the effort it takes to pick up a pen or to start typing.  Why apply ourselves when it is so much fun to do nothing sometimes?  I have a realization and think of how one aspect of God is still and behind all of manifestation.  One of His/Her many joys is getting to “sit” back and throw out all of the ideas that exist; while watching us express them.  At this moment I feel the need to start a blog.  We all have many gifts inside of us to share and God is expressing Self through us.  We are all many expressions of our Creator.  It is up to us to apply ourselves to the path of Truth and to open ourselves up to Infinity.

I chose the name lavender clouds rising because mental clouds keep us from the light.  Lavender clouds are soft, light, and dark all at the same time.  It is like a reflection of my mind, darkness sits over a few areas, but Light continues to shine through stronger and stronger.


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